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Your family and your home, always safe

Always have a specialist on hand to help you sort out any problems that may occur in your home. With Meridiano's Protection Plus Home Insurance, you'll have much more than just multi-service repairs in the event of a water leak, power failure or fire, thanks to additional cover such as liability or legal assistance.

What does Meridiano home insurance cover?

Forget all the trouble caused by unforeseen events. Do any of these most common occurrences ring a bell?


A tap is open, there is damp or a pipe has broken: plumbers, joiners and painters will sort out the problem and restore things to the way they were before.


If a glass, ceramic hob, toilet ware or mirror breaks, we will replace it in a few days.


Any malfunction in electrical appliances, electrical faults or power surges will be perfectly fixed.

And also, guarantees for your peace of mind

With your Home Protection Plus insurance you are covered no matter what happens and have immediate professional assistance.

Third-party liability

With us you won't have to make the large outlay due to any oversight: we pay any compensation for personal injury or property damage even in cases such as:

  • Flowerpot falling from balcony
  • Things broken by balls while playing
  • Damage caused by your dog

Legal assistance

You have a lawyer to advise your or defend you in any labour or private dispute. We help you to:

  • Solve your legal doubts via telephone 24 hours a day
  • Save costs if you have to go to court
  • Make claims quickly

Computer assistance

Resolve any doubts about your computer just by picking up the phone. Our IT team will help you on the spot with questions such as:

  • Installing antivirus or other software
  • Setting up your internet connection
  • Repairing computer or mobile phone problems

Odd job man

With the help of a plumber, carpenter or electrician for any domestic DIY task for situations such as:

  • Installing a bookcase
  • Installing bathroom fixtures
  • Adjust a loose tap

Frequently asked questions about home insurance

Check the most common questions

What is a home insurance policy?

It is a type of policy specially designed to cover the expenses associated with the accidents that occur in your home. Some policies, such as Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance, offer additional guarantees such as compensation for damages to third parties, for robberies outside the home or fraudulent use of credit cards, as well as assistance in computer and DIY tasks, and many other benefits.

What is a claim in a home insurance policy?

A claim is defined as the damage, accidental destruction or major loss to property. All the damages arising from the same original event, regardless of the number of claimants or claims made, comprise a single claim.

Why take out a home insurance policy?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments in our lives. If you have taken out home insurance, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if an accident occurs in the home, the expenses will be covered. With Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance, you can also get possible compensation paid to neighbours or benefit from services such as free computer assistance and DIY.

What guarantees does home insurance include?

Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance offers the following cover:

  • Fire
  • Damages caused by water
  • Electrical damage
  • Garden damage and reconstruction
  • Vandalism
  • Breakages
  • Third-party liability
  • Legal Advice
  • Home Assistance
  • Damages due to weather phenomena
  • Demolition and clearing of debris costs
  • Home uninhabitable
  • Collision of vehicles
  • Assets temporarily moved
  • Damages to refrigerated or frozen foods
  • Robbery outside home
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards
  • Loss of rental income
  • Optional: valuables and jewellery

How do I to take out Meridiano's home protection plus insurance?

Contact us through the website, visit one of our branches or, if you prefer, you can call us at 900 408 200 where we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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