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We continue at your service

At Meridiano we have a responsibility and a commitment to the teams that make it up and to our policyholders. Therefore, our Customer Service, Claims or any other departments will continue to be at your service without you having to leave home .

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Get your insurance now and don’t pay until July

Protect your family with most complete family protectio insurance and don’t pay until July. You will also get free monthly payments ntil 2023.

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Guide to Prevent, Detect and Eradicate Bullying

Download the free guide to identify bullies and victims of bullyng. It also contains advice for parents and professionals in education and psychology.

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Get months for free for you and your friends

Now, with Club Amigo, recommend us and get free months for you and your friends if they become customers.

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Make your home 100% safe for your children

Find out the key ways to prevent children's accidents in your home and how to act in an emergency.

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Guide for parents: Mum, Dad, what is death?

It helps children understand the life cycle and gives parents the tools and resources they need to deal with grief.

Guide for parents: Mum, Dad, what is death?

The Family Never Fails

We asked our relatives to help us make the new Meridiano ad... And they were delighted to do so! The family never fails - and if anything does fail, there's always Meridiano.

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Children Protection Guide for Summer

Learn how to promote the safety and protection of children with this practical guide that contains a story and games for kids.

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