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Funeral and Protection Insurance

What is a funeral insurance policy?

Funeral or burial insurance covers the expenses associated with burial or incineration, funeral services and part of the paperwork at the time of death of the insured party under the contract. As the insurance company pays the funeral home, the insured party or his or her family members will not have to pay out sums of money or deal with paperwork.

Why take out a funeral insurance policy?

The main reason for taking out funeral insurance is to avoid having to pay for all funeral services at the time of death. A funeral is often a very significant expense that arrives suddenly out of the blue. It also involves a series of decisions and procedures at a very difficult time for the family. So by taking out funeral insurance the family is spared all planning and management concerns, as the insurance company takes care of everything. Some funeral insurance policies, such as Meridiano's, also include a series of additional guarantees with added benefits as soon as you take out the policy, such as free medical and legal assistance, and travel and accident insurance.

How do I take out Meridiano's funeral insurance?

There is a form to take out this insurance policy in our “calculate your estimate” section.
If you prefer, go to your nearest branch or call 900 408 200 to ask to take out the policy; a team of professionals will be on hand to deal with your request 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the difference between funeral insurance and life insurance?

A life insurance policy is an insurance policy that offers a capital sum to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured person. The beneficiary may be a family member, friend or bank if you have a mortgage. Several days or even months can pass before life insurance is collected, so it does not offer real help at the time of death, but rather long-term financial support. A funeral insurance policy is immediate. It offers a complete and tailor-made service that covers all the expenses related to the funeral covered by the insurance contract as soon as the company is informed of the death. If a person has funeral insurance, family members will be covered for part or all of the insured person's funeral expenses, so they won't have to worry about financial considerations.

What is the difference between family protection funeral insurance and the single premium or single payment funeral insurance?

The single payment option, formerly known as the single premium, is aimed at people over 70 years of age who live in Spain. They can prepare for their farewell with a single payment.

How does funeral insurance work?

Funeral insurance covers all funeral expenses and provides services for family members who have lost a loved one. Unlike life insurance, funeral insurance is immediate and works as follows: after the death, the family calls the company, which is available 24 hours a day. The company then takes care of all the paperwork and expenses necessary for the loved one’s passing: wake, funeral, flowers, hearse, incineration, niche, etc. Depending on the services taken out in Meridiano and the area where the service takes place, once the funeral is over, Meridiano can advise on arrangements such as widow's and orphan's pensions, inheritance tax and support to cope with the loss.

What funeral insurance policy do you recommend?

If you are under 70 years of age, we recommend a Meridiano funeral and family protection insurance policy. It not only covers all funeral expenses but also provides many other different types of cover during your lifetime. If you are over 70 years old, Meridiano's single payment funeral insurance is a good option. With this policy, you can pay the total value in a single payment and enjoy the option of additional guarantees such as medical or legal assistance.

What is the best funeral insurance policy?

The best funeral insurance is one that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is covered if you or a member of your family has passed away. The important thing is the company covers just what you need, that it explains things clearly and is trustworthy. This type of insurance has additional benefits such as medical, legal, accident or travel insurance included by Meridiano Seguros.

How much does a funeral service cost?

In Spain, prices for funeral services differ greatly. According to Panasef, the national funeral sector association, a funeral costs €3,500 on average. This amount can vary greatly, however, depending on various factors such as the place where the funeral service takes place, cemetery fees, incineration costs, if transport is included, etc.

What are the different steps in a funeral service?

After the death of a family member, we must follow different steps to manage the necessary procedures and documentation.
You can download here, a complete guide (Spanish) to each step to consult at all times.
Remember that at Grupo ASV Meridiano, we are here to help you.

¿El seguro de decesos incluye traslado nacional e internacional?

El cliente puede contratar, además de la cobertura de decesos, la garantía de traslado nacional e internacional. En ese caso, el traslado del fallecido al lugar que se indique estaría incluido.

What is the difference between Transportation and Repatriation?

Transportation is moving the body from the place of death (in Spain or anywhere in the world) to a funeral establishment within Spanish territory. Repatriation applies to foreigners residing in Spain and, consists of moving the body from the place of death (in Spain or anywhere in the world) to the insured party's country of origin.

In which cases is repatriation included?

Meridiano funeral insurance includes repatriation for all those insured parties who have resided in Spain for at least the last three months.

What types of cover are included in repatriation?

Meridiano funeral insurance includes administration and necessary costs for transporting the deceased Insured Party's body from the place of death to the international airport nearest to the town/city chosen in the country as specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions, provided the competent authorities do not object and that there are no grounds of force majeure that might prevent it.

What is Meridiano's administration service?

At the time of death, Meridiano provides a tailor-made service to deal with the formalities of the extrajudicial inheritance process, i.e. the medical death certificate, registration of the death in the registry office, repatriation procedures (if the death occurs during a trip abroad) and obtaining the incineration or burial license. It also has a permanent legal advice service by telephone for all related matters. Meridiano will cover the necessary paperwork and costs necessary to process or obtain all the necessary documentation.

¿Qué cubre la asistencia jurídica en el seguro de decesos?

Además de hacerse cargo de todos los trámites en caso de fallecimiento, mediante el servicio de asistencia jurídica del seguro de decesos de Meridiano, el asegurado dispone de una línea telefónica gratuita para hablar con un abogado sobre una amplia variedad de temas. Además, existe la opción de contratar la Asistencia Jurídica Plus, mediante la cual se obtiene el servicio de defensa para los supuestos recogidos en las condiciones generales del contrato de seguro.

How do customers pay for Meridiano's funeral insurance?

The payment methods are:

  • Natural: Changes in accordance with the age of the insured party. It increases as the years go by due to the age of the insured person or changes in service costs (inflation, cemetery fees, funeral service prices, etc.)
  • Level: It is calculated to ensure that the payment is as even as possible over a lifetime. It may increase slightly due to service costs (inflation, cemetery fees, funeral service prices, etc.)

What guarantees does funeral and family protection insurance cover?

Meridiano's funeral and family protection insurance provides basic cover for all funeral services and also additional benefits which can be taken out according to your needs. Specifically, you have:

  • Basic cover: Funeral service (when any of the insured parties dies) with all covered expenses associated with the funeral such as a casket, burial
  • Additional cover:
    • Health Channel: medical care service, second medical opinion and free paeditrician check-ups.
    • Hospitalisation: The insured person will receive a daily amount if he/she is admitted to hospital
    • Accidents: The insured person will receive an amount if any of the accidents contained in the contract were to happen.
    • Legal Aid and Legal Aid Plus: legal aid for day-to-day tasks Transport and Travel and Assistance Repatriation for residents in Spain

What guarantees are included in single premium or single payment funeral insurance?

Meridiano's single premium funeral insurance covers all funeral expenses, through a single payment, and additional guarantees may be taken out under an annual premium. Specifically, you have:

  • Basic Cover: Funeral service, including all funeral expenses such as coffin, burial or incineration, ceremony, flowers, paperwork, etc...
  • Complementary cover
  • Health Channel: medical care service and second medical opinion
  • Legal Advice Plus
  • Travel Assistance

Can I take out additional services as on top of funeral insurance?

If you take out the complementary or regulatory benefit, the beneficiaries (following the insured person's wishes if he or she has expressed them) may choose types of service not included in the basic death cover, with the maximum limit contracted for this guarantee, provided they are available in the town/city where the service is provided. This guarantee is designed so that policyholders can customise the funeral service by adding extra items.

How do I contact Meridiano Health Channel?

If you have taken out Meridiano Health Channel you can contact us on 900 535 700.

Is the capital insured per person or for all the policyholders?

The insured capital is for each of the insured persons included in the policy.

Can I split my insurance payment?

Yes, you can pay on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

What happens if the entire sum insured is not spent on the funeral service?

Once the service is completed, any money left over from the insured capital will be returned to the beneficiaries.

Home Insurance

What is a home insurance policy?

It is a type of policy specially designed to cover the expenses associated with the accidents that occur in your home. Some policies, such as Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance, offer additional guarantees such as compensation for damages to third parties, for robberies outside the home or fraudulent use of credit cards, as well as assistance in computer and DIY tasks, and many other benefits.

What is a claim in a home insurance policy?

A claim is defined as the damage, accidental destruction or major loss to property. All the damages arising from the same original event, regardless of the number of claimants or claims made, comprise a single claim.

Why take out a home insurance policy?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments in our lives. If you have taken out home insurance, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if an accident occurs in the home, the expenses will be covered. With Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance, you can also get possible compensation paid to neighbours or benefit from services such as free computer assistance and DIY.

What types of home insurance Meridiano offers?

Meridiano offers two modalities: Home Insurance Plus Protection and Essential Home Insurance. The first offers a complete list of services and guarantees that add up to full protection of the home, while the second covers mainly specific unforeseen events related to housing. The first is advisable for families with children since in addition to protecting the home it offers assistance services for the day to day, while the second is more advisable for second homes or people without children looking for an economic product even if it has less coverage.

What guarantees does home insurance include?

Meridiano's Home Protection Plus Insurance offers the following cover:

  • Fire
  • Damages caused by water
  • Electrical damage
  • Garden damage and reconstruction
  • Vandalism
  • Breakages
  • Third-party liability
  • Legal Advice
  • Home Assistance
  • Damages due to weather phenomena
  • Demolition and clearing of debris costs
  • Home uninhabitable
  • Collision of vehicles
  • Assets temporarily moved
  • Damages to refrigerated or frozen foods
  • Robbery outside home
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards
  • Loss of rental income
  • Optional: valuables and jewellery

What guarantees are included in the Essential Home Insurance?

All basic and indispensable coverages:

  • Fire
  • Rain Wind, hail or snow
  • Water damage
  • Civil Liability
  • Legal Assistance
It can also be extended with the Prevention Pack (Rodo, damages for theft and electrical damage) and with the Assistance Pack (Assistance at home)

How do I to take out Meridiano's home protection plus insurance?

Contact us through the website, visit one of our branches or, if you prefer, you can call us at 900 408 200 where we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is there a waiting period to start using home insurance?

Some insurance policies have a waiting period from the time you take out the insurance until you can ask for assistance. Meridiano Home Protection Plus Insurance has no waiting period, and you can start to enjoy your guarantees from the moment you take out your policy.

What third-party liability cover is there in home insurance?

Home insurance usually covers damage to the home. Third-party liability also covers both material and personal damages caused to third parties. For example, damage to neighbours during a renovation, objects falling out of the window, damage caused by a pet, etc... In any of these cases the company takes care not only of the compensation but also for the defence against claims and paying any expenses arising from a lawsuit.

What does home assistance guarantee cover?

It covers all those problems where a serious accident does not need to have occurred, simply every day problems such as carpentry, electricity, plumbing and even DIY tasks (assembling a piece of furniture, fixing taps, etc.) and computer assistance (installing an antivirus, computer queries, etc.).

Hunting Insurance

What is a hunting insurance policy?

It is a compulsory insurance policy if you go hunting, and it is aimed mainly at compensating people for damages caused to third parties while hunting. On top of the basic types of cover required by law, additional guarantees may be taken out for cover against personal accidents, possible material damage, damage to weapons and hunting dogs, and legal advice.

Why take out a hunting insurance policy?

If you want to get a hunting licence in Spain, you will have to take out a hunting insurance policy. And with compulsory third-party liability insurance, hunters are covered against damages to other people while they are engaging in the sport. Cover can also be extended to cover personal accidents, damage caused by hunting dogs, compensation for theft or damage to the weapon, etc.

What is the hunter’s third-party liability?

Article 33.5 of the Spanish Hunting Act provides that: “All hunters shall be obliged to pay compensation for any damage they may cause to third parties when hunting, except where such damage is solely the injured party's fault or due to his negligence, or force majeure. In hunting with weapons, if the perpetrator of the damage caused to persons is not known, all members of the hunting group shall be held jointly and severally liable.” In other words, the hunter will be responsible for all expenses and compensation that may arise because of damage to other people.

What guarantees does hunting insurance cover?

In addition to the compulsory civil liability insurance, Meridiano Multi-Risk Hunter Insurance can be tailored to your needs by taking out additional guarantees. So you can have cover for:

  • Basic Cover: Hunter's third-party liability insurance (compulsory)
  • Additional Cover:
    • Voluntary third-party liability insurance
    • Personal accidents
    • Damage to weapon
    • Damage to hunting dogs

How do I take out a hunting insurance policy?

To take out the Meridiano hunting insurance policy, contact us through this website, visit one of our offices or if you prefer you can call us at 900 408 200 where we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

General inquiries

How do I take out a policy?

In our section "Calculate your insurance" you will find a form to request insurance contract.
Or if you prefer, you can go to your nearest Meridian office or call 900 408 200 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. year.

What information is required to formalise the policy?

Name, surnames and National Identity Document No. (except for children) of all the insured parties, the full address of the family unit and the telephone number.

Where do I call if I need to?

You can call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to the Meridiano Telephone Service Centre, 902 408 200. If calling from abroad, the contact phone number is +34 952 221 628.

What do they do at the Telephone Help Centre (CAT)?

Our Telephone Help Centre is responsible for tasks which include:

  • Resolving your doubts about the policy
  • Managing new guarantees/policies
  • Processing losses
  • Informing the user about any matters relating to the insurance policyo

How long is the policy taken out?

The duration of the policy is specified in its Specific Terms and Conditions. When the specified duration period elapses, the policies are tacitly extended for an equal period, and so on successively.


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