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Hunt in complete safety

To obtain the hunting license, it is compulsory to have a third-party liability insurance. With the Multi-Risk Meridian Hunter Insurance you also have the option to extend your cover to enjoy your favourite sport with full support.

The hunting insurance you've been waiting for

Your compulsory liability insurance includes the basic coverages you need for your peace of mind:

Avoid having to pay possible compensation

We pay the costs of personal injuries that may be caused by your gun or your hunting dog.

Legal defence

In the event of a claim, we will take care of your lawyer and even pay bail if necessary.

Claim for your own damages

If other hunters cause you any damage, we will cover the costs of the claims before a court of law.

Extend your guarantees for comprehensive protection

For maximum peace of mind, you have additional cover that takes into account any unforeseen events:

Cover more capital

Voluntary Third-Party Liability insurance extends the amounts covered for damages to other people, both personal and material.

Protect your dogs

If your dog is hurt in any way during the hunt, we cover your vet's fees or even compensation for theft.

Recover the value of your weapon

We pay the amount of your weapon if it is lost or stolen, both on the outside and in the transport vehicles, and also if it is damaged due to the barrel exploding.

Accident insurance

We cover medical and pharmaceutical expenses, hospitalisation or compensation if you sustain any injuries during the hunt.

Frequently asked questions about hunting insurance

Check the most common issues

What is a hunting insurance policy?

It is a compulsory insurance policy if you go hunting, and it is aimed mainly at compensating people for damages caused to third parties while hunting. On top of the basic types of cover required by law, additional guarantees may be taken out for cover against personal accidents, possible material damage, damage to weapons and hunting dogs, and legal advice.

Why take out a hunting insurance policy?

If you want to get a hunting licence in Spain, you will have to take out a hunting insurance policy. And with compulsory third-party liability insurance, hunters are covered against damages to other people while they are engaging in the sport. Cover can also be extended to cover personal accidents, damage caused by hunting dogs, compensation for theft or damage to the weapon, etc.

What is the hunter’s third-party liability?

Article 33.5 of the Spanish Hunting Act provides that: “All hunters shall be obliged to pay compensation for any damage they may cause to third parties when hunting, except where such damage is solely the injured party's fault or due to his negligence, or force majeure. In hunting with weapons, if the perpetrator of the damage caused to persons is not known, all members of the hunting group shall be held jointly and severally liable.” In other words, the hunter will be responsible for all expenses and compensation that may arise because of damage to other people.

What guarantees does hunting insurance cover?

In addition to the compulsory civil liability insurance, Meridiano Multi-Risk Hunter Insurance can be tailored to your needs by taking out additional guarantees. So you can have cover for:

  • Basic Cover: Hunter's third-party liability insurance (compulsory)
  • Additional Cover:
    • Voluntary third-party liability insurance
    • Personal accidents
    • Damage to weapon
    • Damage to hunting dogs

How do I take out a hunting insurance policy?

To take out the Meridiano hunting insurance policy, contact us through this website, visit one of our offices or if you prefer you can call us at 900 408 200 where we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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