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Funeral insurance with the most complete cover

Because you refuse to settle for less, when the day comes everything will be perfectly under control. With Meridian you'll have:

A service based on experience

Burial, transport and all the necessary paperwork taken care of down to the last detail, with the guarantee of 50 years of experience in the market.

Control of the entire process

We deal directly with funeral homes and other agents involved, as we are part of the ASV Group, one of the largest funeral groups in Spain.

A team of professionals to support you

People always at your disposal to speak clearly and directly about the services you have taken out. And the day you need us the most, we'll arrange for an impeccable funeral service so that you and your family have nothing to worry about.

And also, many different added services

With your Funeral and Family Protection insurance, you enjoy many more benefits.

Health and Well-being

Get answers to your medical questions with just one call and get discounts at private clinics and wellness centres on services such as:

  • 24-hour care by medical specialists
  • If you have to stay in hospital, you will receive a payment for each day you are there.
  • Second International medical opinion

Legal assistance

Get phone advice from a lawyer to help you with legal issues, be it family, employment or criminal law in addition to:

  • Managing all the procedures after a death.
  • Revising and drafting documents and contracts.
  • The Legal Aid Plus option with defence against civil and criminal liability, labour disputes or claims for the rights of the insured parties.


Avoid unexpected expenses when you are away from home. We can guarantee many things, including:

Exclusive benefits for your well-being

Meridiano gives you one of the most comprehensive insurance policies on the market. We stand by your side over your entire life.

Private Paediatrician

Children enrolled in the policy can enjoy two pediatric consultations during their first year of life and an annual one until they turn six. Choose the specialist you want and we will reimburse you up to €50 per consultation.

Travel assistance

Transport and coverage of expenses in the event of illness, accident or death anywhere in the world.

Health Channel

Private portal for medical, psychological or dietary enquiries with access to a network of leisure, beauty or health centres at agreed prices.

Legal advice

Attorney 24 hours a day to deal with legal incidents regarding vehicles, contracts, consumption, personal income tax, work or accidents.


Daily payment during your stay in hospital on doctor's orders or due to surgery for illness or injury.


Compensation in the event of injury, disability or death as well as cosmetic surgery.

Funeral and Protection Insurance is for you if you want to


Avoid an unexpected outlay

If you die, neither you nor your family will have to pay for the funeral services.


Don't worry

Because when you are gone, everything will be taken care of.



Having cover that protects me from unexpected events such as accidents or illness, starting now.

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If there is a death:

Could you or your family face an expense greater than € 3,500?

Frequently asked questions about funeral insurance

Check the most common questions

What is a funeral insurance policy?

Funeral or burial insurance covers the expenses associated with burial or incineration, funeral services and part of the paperwork at the time of death of the insured party under the contract. As the insurance company pays the funeral home, the insured party or his or her family members will not have to pay out sums of money or deal with paperwork.

Why take out a funeral insurance policy?

The main reason for taking out funeral insurance is to avoid having to pay for all funeral services at the time of death. A funeral is often a very significant expense that arrives suddenly out of the blue. It also involves a series of decisions and procedures at a very difficult time for the family. So by taking out funeral insurance the family is spared all planning and management concerns, as the insurance company takes care of everything. Some funeral insurance policies, such as Meridiano's, also include a series of additional guarantees with added benefits as soon as you take out the policy, such as free medical and legal assistance, and travel and accident insurance.

How do I take out Meridiano's funeral insurance?

There is a form to take out this insurance policy in our “calculate your estimate” section.
If you prefer, go to your nearest branch or call 900 408 200 to ask to take out the policy; a team of professionals will be on hand to deal with your request 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the difference between funeral insurance and life insurance?

A life insurance policy is an insurance policy that offers a capital sum to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured person. The beneficiary may be a family member, friend or bank if you have a mortgage. Several days or even months can pass before life insurance is collected, so it does not offer real help at the time of death, but rather long-term financial support. A funeral insurance policy is immediate. It offers a complete and tailor-made service that covers all the expenses related to the funeral covered by the insurance contract as soon as the company is informed of the death. If a person has funeral insurance, family members will be covered for part or all of the insured person's funeral expenses, so they won't have to worry about financial considerations.

What is the difference between family protection funeral insurance and the single premium or single payment funeral insurance?

The single payment option, formerly known as the single premium, is aimed at people over 70 years of age who live in Spain. They can prepare for their farewell with a single payment.

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How do we help you if you call for assistance?


We are only a phone call away.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 900 408 200.


Specialist management

We assign the case to the specific professionals who will take care of everything and will be at your disposal at all times.


Immediate communication

The contact with our team will be direct and continuous throughout the process.

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